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I'm back! Finally got most of my stuff moved. I was almost done and stopped by Andy's place to borrow a cat carrier when he noticed  that one of my tires had the metal showing underneath the tread, so he put the donut on and put air in the low tires. I checked the oil and that was low too so I had to fill that. No place that sells tires is open today, so I get to drive to work on the donut and then get it fixed afterwards, then finish moving since I sill have one more trip, but cleaning up to do. Always something...

I like my place though. It's about 550 square feet, but it's mine so it's cute. I have basically everything set up, minus furnature. I figure I can get a couch next weekend. I also plan on applying for another airport job tomorrow. The first place I figure I'll try is the customer service agent and then maybe the shuttle place that I park at. That would be cool to work at, just drive the same route to and from the airport. Would just need to get the glasses thing done first. I dunno. I've already got my foot in the door at the airport, so it'll be easier to get another job.

Well, gotta go, more later.